CREATED ON 27th November 2017

The Differences between the Self-Esteem of Boys and Girls During Puberty

Puberty is a time of many changes. Your body changes, your voice can alter, and your emotions are on overdrive. The modifications going through a teenager's body can be very confusing. Not everybody going through puberty knows what is happening to them. Additionally, even if a knowledge is there, it can be quite uncomfortable. Virtually every part of an adolescent's body has been influenced when moving through puberty. Psychologically, an adolescent is changed too. One psychological impact of puberty is a diminished self-esteem. Boys and girls equally have affected self-esteem throughout puberty, but women' self-esteem seems to have a negative impact during puberty, whiles boys appear to have a more positive impact. This paper will concentrate on the effect of self-esteem in both boys and girls during puberty, also if there is a negative or positive effect. Self-Esteem To understand what effect self-esteem has on teens going through puberty, one has to understand what self- esteem is. Self-esteem is called one's personal value, or even one's self-respect. In one study by Simmons, et al., self-esteem is defined "as an individual's global positive or negative attitude toward him- or herself." (Simmons, Blyth, Van Cleave, & Bush, 1979). People can have large self-esteem, low self-esteem or be someplace in the center. Briggs (1988) indicates that the most damaging type of self-esteem to have is elevated self-esteem. The writer asserts that if a person uses drugs, or alcohol the person with greater self-esteem are more likely to participate in risky behaviour than a individual with low self-esteem. That is as your self-esteem is elevated when intoxicated, therefore the greater your self-esteem is the greater confidence a individual will consume (1988). 1 thing to remember when discussing.

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