CREATED ON 27th November 2017

Voltaire and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Influences Throughout the Age of Enlightenment

The age of enlightenment has been a time period where many people wanted to make society better and advise people about the way one can improve his/her society. The era of enlightenment happened in the decades 1700s to 1800s. Throughout the age of enlightenment, a lot people desired to get knowledge in their society and humanity. Intellectuals spent almost all of their time collecting information about humanity and the way to improve their society and way of life. Voltaire and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were two enlightened figures. Voltaire matches into the age of enlightenment since he was against faith and class division. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart believed there should be equality and independence on the planet. Voltaire had a larger impact throughout the age of enlightenment since he had been more involved and dedicated to notify society. On the other hand Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did affect society but not as straight forward as Voltaire. Therefore, Voltaire and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are just two educated characters with conflicting viewpoints. But, Voltaire had a larger impact during the enlightenment. To begin with, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January 27, 1756, and died December 5, 1791 in Austria. Mozart was a piano and music author, and he created operas and became more famous when he was only the age of ten. Mozart wanted more independence and equality. Mozart was able to state his concerns into his music, operas, and writings throughout the time of enlightenment. Mozart was a self explanatory artist during this period of confusion and consequently he became more emancipated, independent and more radical. Mozart's impulse to be a different and a self-employed artist is reflected in the intellectual history of this period of time. Along with fighting for independe...

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