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Introduction As a recently available graduate, it is the very first time I can determine who I am and build-up my social identity. WHEN I graduate from university, the upcoming task is I will be a grown-up. I am therefore excited to be a grown-up, because this means I could do everything I would like to do and I could be treated as an adult. Social identity depends upon intergroup social comparisons, which seek out reputation or build evaluative status between intergroup and outgroup, the inspiration is from self-esteem (Hogg and Terry, 2000). The objective of this report is to investigate that as a woman, may i use possessions to create a male social identification. Although biological gender demonstrated that I am feminine, the gendered social identification can be reproduce without any help still. I bought an automobile to provide my superwoman image and want to create a masculine identity in the society. Who I am? Social Identity Theory Sociable identification theory (Hereafter SIT) is definitely a personal acknowledgement that he/she is usually affiliated to a particular social group, also as well as salient worth and emotion to him/her as an associate of the group (Hogg and Terry, 2000). SIT can be a behavior concept that conversation and romantic relationship from group/ intergroup to personal/interpersonal (Skevington and Baker, 1989; Turner and tajfel, 1979). There will vary aspects could impact one’s social identity, but right here I consider gender into even more consideration. A theoretical declaration was indicated that in gender group ladies’s sociable identities are even more inferior than men, since men are even more dominant and effective and women are since subordinate. This mixed group identification network marketing leads to negative real estate and disadvantage as a female. Therefore, women should do something to create a positive and distinctive social identity (Skevington...

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