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Statistics on The Effects of Gunpowder on Warfare

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The discovery of gunpowder shifted war against being fought together with medieval weaponry and battle strategies to more modern day weapons and tactics because the gunpowder powered weapons are more fatal. Weapons that use gunpowder to launch projectiles have a larger range than melee weapons and also therefore are more powerful than bow and arrows. Also, cannons are more strong and have a better range and accuracy than catapults and they also can be significantly faster compared to catapults. Gunpowder weapons shifted war because they're stronger, more accurate, have a greater range and can be considerably faster than standard weaponry. Gunpowder was invented long before the Europeans were introduced to it. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese at the ninth century. They were actually hoping to make an elixir of eternal life, but ended up making one of the main artifacts of warfare. The Chinese did not initially use gunpowder in weapons, however in fireworks instead. The smoke which combusted gunpowder leaves is extremely thick and may block the colours of the odor from being shown, so they had to have various ratios of gunpowder. One of the first weapons that the Chinese made with gunpowder was the “flying fire”. Even the “flying fire” is an arrow having a burning tubing of gunpowder attached to the shaft. Also, the Chinese used gunpowder to produce primitive hand grenades, toxic gas shells, along with landmines. Gunpowder was applied to Chinese weapons as well as after European firearms. One of the most important gunpowder weapons would be that the musket. Muskets are more deadly than ancient infantry weapons. Weapons used by medieval infantry had been the arbalest, axe, basilard, ancient bow and arrow, mace, pike, spear, and warhammer. Hand-held firearms used from the 1700’...

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