CREATED ON 25th November 2017

The Fight for the Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church Essay

It is a well-known actuality that girls of the Catholic Church have been excluded from holding important leadership roles throughout history. Even though the inferior women of the early Catholic Church once approved this opinion, Catholic girls around the globe are now hard it. Multiple secular and spiritual influences throughout the past few decades have enabled women to find their voice and speak out against this long-standing tradition of discrimination (Henold 15). Despite all of the debate and the lack of priests, the Catholic Church has not waivered in its opinion contrary to the ordination of women to priesthood. To get a better understanding of the particular debate, you must examine the history and aspirations of the Catholic feminist movement, and the rationale supporting the church’s decision to maintain this long- standing tradition. In the first days of the Catholic Church, strict guidelines were placed on women to ensure that they had been pure, national, and so anal. They were expected to conform to this design of their “eternal woman” by providing up any personal needs and devoting themselves to God (Henold 25). This perfect woman was depicted in a publication known as the Eternal Women, which was composed in 1934 with a German historian by the name of Gertrud von Le Fort (Henold 26). Le Fort expressed that girls were assigned the responsibility of sacrifice, and while men had to sacrifice as well, it wasn't in their character. It was anticipated that a woman must surrender to her spouse in all parts of life, such as decisions pertaining to child bearing (Henold 27). She used that the Virgin Mary as an example of surrender, by describing that Mary surrendered herself to God when accepting her position as the mother of Jesus (Henold 27). .

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