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How Media Influences Women Essay

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We, the American people are hit from every possible direction every waking moment of our lives by slick marketing agencies seeking to coerce us into or tell us why we will need to purchase their goods. Their products can make us happier or skinnier, or more slender. The advertisers frequently use the image of youth and energy so that the public will connect that specific service or product along with being young and beautiful. They do this because naturally within our society childhood and beauty should be enviable. Everybody would love to be forever young and beautiful or for as long as they may anyway. So, everybody is attempting to look younger or wants to appear younger. The things that we can associate with childhood are apparent. We view the picture of beauty and youth everywhere. Look at any magazine, Watch TV, watch billboards, everywhere you turn we watch young, beautiful individuals. Youth is synonymous with beauty so little wonder why should you see this bumper sticker “few women admit their age, few men act it” a great deal of women won’t disclose their era. To do so would be to admit they're perhaps older than they look or if we were to understand their age we might say something (ideally to ourselves) like “jeez, she seems much older than that!” The press is really the one at work that shapes a lot of our beliefs and attitudes. They might not always be healthy attitudes and beliefs but they are those that were shoved in front of our faces out of the afternoon we were born. Believe me, they all know how strong and powerful they (the press) is. The most disturbing thing to me concerning advertisements is the great female body that they utilize. It's absolutely tight, contained, bolted down. Being thin is inadequate. Ladies need to be in shape also. Obtaining that body becomes an issue of self-control. It attests to me that they are saying thin women are in control. They've mastered the subject of exercise and dieting. It's the fat girls that are not responsible for Fat has become correlated with laziness and lack of self-discipline. Of the statistics that I ran across while researching this subject stated that eighty percent of girls between the ages of twelve and eight are on a diet. The number one need of the majority of women and women would be to loose weight. Media presents images that inform woman and girls that approval means being unnaturally thin. The normal fashion model,...

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