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Article about Catch 22

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" To be able to be grounded you have to be mad, but if you request to be grounded, you shouldn't be mad anymore, and that means you need to continue flying"(Heller 40). Here is the justification of what your catch-22 is. Insane behavior and the struggle for freedom are both functions, which commences in Catch 22. Yossarian, a squadron captain is in World War II flying a plane and fighting for his country. Though attempting to get out, he understands there is but 1 way, which would only get him "away" from each of the terror. This attracts the reader into the topic of the drama, escape. "Insanity is the only sane way to deal with an insane position"(Heller 78). Joseph Heller's Catch-22 clarifies an understanding where a paradox providing no way out of battle is overcome and in the end, defeated. Through the novel several passages say the idea of escape and the eagerness to do so. With practically no way to get out of the war completely, Yossarian understood of a temporary exit out. Pretending he still had liver issues, he was able to keep in a ward combined with truly insane men and women. Yossarian is aware this is not the ideal spot to be, nor does it possess the most caring folks there to help you, or any sane people around, but it is away in the war. "I am dead, serious about those additional wards; M.P.'s will not protect you, since they're craziest whatsoever. I would go with you myself, but I'm scared stiff. Insanity is contagious. Here is the only sane ward in the entire hospital. Everybody is mad but us. This is just about the only honorable ward in the entire world for that thing"(Heller 8). Other examples of escape also showed up in several diverse characters. From a man named Hungrey Joe, who finished his 50 assignments and was ready to move home, to a Doctor who did not want to be there at the first place but had to. Nobody was happy. Doctor Daneeka says, " I had it made, I tell you. Fifty grand a year that I was knocking down, and almost all of it tax-free, since I made my clients pay me in cash. I had the strongest trade association in the world backing me up. And look what happened. Just when I was all set to really start stashing away it they had to make fascism and start a war horrible enough to influence me. I gotta laugh when I hear somebody like Hungrey Joe screaming his brains out each night"(Heller 46). The preceding statement demonstrates how much everybody just wants "outside". Not only in stories and books a.. .

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