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Article on McCarthyism as Modern Witch Hunts

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McCarthyism as Modern Witch Hunts McCarthyism: The Real "Witch Hunts" Some folks nowadays may consider the authorities, or some of its agencies, tainted. Today's situation is nothing compared to that of McCarthyism in the 1950s. During McCarthyism, the country has been ripped apart. Their loyalty to one another was crushed as well as ordinary human decency went down to the drain (Miller, Crucible xiv). These Communist searches were like the witch hunts and trials of Salem Massachusetts in the 1600s. The Puritans have a rigorous faith with very strong roots. The whole community was torn apart from this "witch frighten" in the kids to the elderly to the most dedicate taxpayers. As a result of both, lives were shattered, titles blemished, and families were blown apart (Corrigan 118). Arthur Miller vividly describes the community of Salem since it turns on itself out of paranoia and false testimonies. The Crucible compellingly similar to McCarthyism at 1950s America in which neighbor resides upon neighbor accusing all becoming a "Red." Senator Joseph McCarthy is one of the most well-known anti-Communist activists. He had been a Republican from Wisconsin. From the early 1950s, McCarthy began charging that Communists were taking on the government. He hit two other big regions beside that of the U.S. government. These were Hollywood and the U.S. Army. McCarthy made one unsupported accusation after a second (Miller, Crucible xxiv). These attacks on suspected Communists became known by the expression of McCarthyism. Because the 1950s, McCarthyism has been known as the unfair strategy of accusing people of disloyalty without providing proof. McCarthy billed various groups and departments in the Democratic Party into the State D.. .

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