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The Novel 1984 by George Orwell Essay

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Throughout history there has always been that the men and women that try to take power and use that power to restrain others.     History shows, that particular government's misuse their power and use it in various ways against their own people.     Both Stalin's Party and the Party members out of nineteen eight four by George Orwell, utilize their power against the people the govern over.     The novel is similar to Stalin's Russia because of various elements.     The way they organized their department that controls what part of the country. Possessing the ability to have complete power over their people without outside interference.     In addition, the way they used violence and propaganda to lure individuals into there control. The Novel written by Orwell is a warning against the dangers of totalitarian society, and when those societies are not stopped before becoming too powerful, Orwell's Novel will become non-fiction. In George Orwell's book, he creates an Totalitarian society that's structured with one party state that controls every aspect of these people. He provided a realistic insight of the true dangers of totalitarian regimes that accrued before 1984 and afterwards. This insight was represented in the text of 1984, a publication written to help reveal the manipulation employed by totalitarian regimes to create a pure celebration. The novel showed many similarities between 1984 s party, Ingsoc, and Stalinist Russia. Stalin wanted complete control as did "big Brother" in 1984, Joseph Stalin focus was "based on government control of the market and contained the forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture, where the government took control of farms. Millions of farmers refused to collaborate with Stalin's orders and have been taken or exiled as punishment. The forced collectivization also.

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