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10 Most Dangerous Predators from the World Essay

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Dangerous predators have emerged on the face of the planet because the first organism developed. Predation is of extreme importance for the ecological system to maintain its balance. Predators use their special skills for searching. If we compile a listing of the most deadly predators humans would certainly top the list. They have overpowered and hunted the most barbarous and biggest creatures. Humans have even attracted many species over the verge of the extinction. Here is a listing of the 10 most dangerous predators on the planet: 1). Mosquito A mosquito may appear to a mere common pest but it's one of the most peculiar. Normally female of this species feed on animal or human blood. This assists the female mosquito to get proteins necessary for the eggs. After the mosquito bites us they will probably transmit fatal diseases to us such as yellow fever, dengue, malaria, etc.. The best approach to protect from such life threatening diseases is to use mosquito repellents, window screens, and avoiding skin exposure in mosquito infected place. Deaths per year: two million deaths are caused by mosquitoes per year Location: They're found anywhere Predators: The natural predators of mosquitoes are far dragonfly nymph, mosquito fish, piranha, salmon, and trout, etc. ). Black Mamba Dark Mamba’s name itself is sufficient to instil fear in the heart of individuals. Mamba is one of the most poisonous snakes on the planet. Even 10 milligrams of Black Mamba’s venom is enough to stop the heart of any man. It isn't just the venom that makes it harmful but also its aggressive character. When it attacks it strikes again and again again inserting almost 100mg of venom in its prey or attacker. The venom contains potent neurotoxins which can lead to death together with half an hour or in a couple...

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