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The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900 Essays

The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900 1. Before 1900, women had generally stayed in the house. In the Middle Ages to 17th Century, they had been involved in cottage industries like manufacturing gloves. Early in the industrialisation period, women were sent down coalmines, since they cost less, but later on if rules and regulations were set over hours and security, women were pushed back to the home because men may work harder for longer hours. At the end of the 19th Century instruction, nursing and shop work became more common professions for women, also for people who have been well-educated, clerical work. However, a girl still needed to leave work when she married, and has been paid considerably less than a male doing the identical job. All through these periods, women still generally fulfilled the traditional role of housewife and mom, and frequently the much more degrading job of a prostitute. A woman's place in society was minor and they had been treated as second-class citizens, and had nowhere near as many rights as the average male. Women didn't get the vote between 1900 and 1914 for so many reasons. Among the principal ones was that the Victorian attitude towards women, that had been upheld after the Queen died. Victorian women were seen as almost child-like, they were assumed to be seen and not heard, exposed, fragile and in need of protection. On the flipside however, this meant women were powerless, since it was felt they were too gullible and weak to care for themselves, or their property. From birth, women were looked upon as possessions, first their dad's, then their husband's. Their 'guardians' also kept all their lan...

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Double pleasure, directed simply by mina shum and sixth chinese little girl, by jade snow wong
Relative to "Fifth Chinese Daughter" the general plot is noticeably similar: a primary generation Canadian-Chinese girl searching for00 approval via her overbearing parents although seeking her own pleasure and accomplishment. However , here is where the two depart greatly from the other person. While Jade Snow Wong seeks success in Escuela and later business, which her father feigned disapproval: more like a wait around and see frame of mind. However , Jade..
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Homefront record by ronald h. cromwell 's the residence front essay
Homefront history took an important turn in the 1970s while using introduction of, Ronald L. Bailey's The Home Front U. S. A. Although homefront history have been written inside the 1940s and 1960s, almost all of this publishing focused after economic factors, the president, or anything that would resemble Classical Historicism. The 1972s shifted a number of these homefront histories to focus on people in the home as well as the everyday people, or Social Record. In The..
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Administrative law is the law in relation to the control relating to authorities power. The main purpose of management law is always to keep the capabilities of government in their legal bounds, so as to shield citizens against abuse. Characteristics and Reason for Administrative law 1 . A person ‘A' can physical exercise power above ‘B' by making ‘B' take action in a manner that is usually not with the intention to B. This can be a one dimensional decision making..
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