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CREATED ON 10th May 2018

Essay about The Faerie Queene by Edmond Spenser

In Edmund Spenser’s epic romance titled, The Faerie Queene, the writer requires the reader on a trip with the naive Crimson Crosse Knight on his path to locating holiness. On the Crimson Crosse Knights trip to holiness, he encounters two completely different women that have an effect on his travels to learning to be a virtuous man. The 1st woman the Crimson Crosse encounters is usually Una, a female that signifies innocents, purity, and truth. Una is gorgeous and graceful yet is apparently the strong force leading the Crimson Crosse Knight to a far more virtuous existence. To oppose the reality in Una, Spenser produces Duessa a juxtaposition to Una’s personality. The Crimson Crosse encounters difficulty when he's deceived by the wicked Duessa who symbolizes duplicity, deceitfulness and falsehood. Duessa, like Una is apparently very beautiful but her looks, like her personality is deceiving. Unlike Una, Duessa’s beauty is skin-deep, a details that the Crimson Cross Knight learns the hard method. Through the entire epic romance, Spenser depicts the representation of the ladies of the sixteenth century through a number of female figures. While ladies like Una and later on Caelia and her daughters signify the grace and faithfulness in women, other numbers like Duessa and Errour symbolize the falsehood and evil of women. While Spenser created two completely different types of ladies in The Faerie Queene: Book One, both types of women are similar in the sense that they look like very strong sometimes and incredibly weak at others. Just because a female was in reign through the sixteenth century, females, for the very first time, had power within culture. Even though many authors of the sixteenth century depicted females as merely damsels in distress, Spenser portrays both main ladies in the piece as possibly strong women....

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