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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In Romeo and Juliet account for the changes that take place in the character of Romeo throughout the course of the drama. Explore using language and staging on your response. In this essay I shall analyze how Romeo changes from a childish, petulant boy into a mature, grown-up young guy. I will look, in detail at how Romeo's character changes from the beginning of the drama where we see him within an immature mood, to the point where he's matured and then to the stage of this play where he regresses back to his despondent and hysterical mentality, but ultimately he's a sincere and honest personality I shall analyse the usage of speech, plot and character. William Shakespeare wrote 'Romeo and Juliet' at 1595. His inspiration for this play came from a poem composed by Arthur Brooke known as 'The tragical history of Romeus and Juliet'. Shakespeare followed the subject of his poem closely, however, in Brookes version the chain of events were spread out across two months, but Shakespeare down this down to only 5 days to add to the dramatic theme of the play. Additionally, Shakespeare utilized bawdy and explicit language in contrast to the subtler use in Brooke's version, which would have excited an Elizabethan audience. In addition, in Shakespeare's version Juliet is 13 as opposed to being 16 in Brooke's poem thus creating a younger woman who is hastily vulnerable to love. The speech in 'Romeo and Juliet' is the most powerful aspect of the play entirely. From the drama, characters utilize it very dramatically by cursing, vowing oaths and referring to fate. An example of that is when Mercutio is perishing and says 'a p.. .

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