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Share the Similarities Between II Peter and Jude Essay

The purpose of this article is to analyze the similarities between the letters of II Peter and Jude. These similarities will be contingent on the intent and the primary issues addressed in each letter. The majority of the similarities arise in II Peter 2 and Jude 1-18, therefore these are the areas which are expounded on and receive the most attention. Any poetry or poetry in the two letters that are incredibly similar and almost identical, will be also be brought to focus, and briefly focused upon. From the end of the article that the reader will be able to identify and recognise the similarities between the letters of the II Peter and Jude. However, the essay will begin by looking at that the writers of these letters were. Looking at the authors of both the letters of II Peter and Jude, assists in revealing the letters similarities. The writer of the letter of II Peter was Simon Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. We know from what the Bible tells us that Peter was near to Jesus, and he was also the first to get the revelation of who Jesus really was, '' (Matthew 16:16). The author of the letter of Jude was Jude the brother of James. James was the brother of Jesus, thus creating Jude Jesus’ brother (Judas, Matthew 13:55). Some people believe that Jude was also one of the twelve apostles, which occasionally he went by the name Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus (Matthew 10:3 and Mark 3:18), but in additional references into the twelve apostles (Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13) Jude is referred to as, “Judas the son of James.” Both Peter and Jude could have had a close relationship with Jesus, and since they could both potentially be one of the twelve apostles, one could presume that they had been receiving very similar or even the exact same instruction, this would assist in contrib...

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