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Anna Karenina - The Complex Character of Constantine Dmitrich Levin Essay

Anna Karenina - The Complex Character of Constantine Dmitrich Levin From the book Anna Karenina, written by Leo Tolstoy, both major and minor characters played significant roles through out the narrative. 1 protagonist, Constantine Dmitrich Levin, caught my attention as becoming a compassionate, moral character. Constantine Dmitrich Levin is a complex character whose direct and indirect characterization highlights a search for equilibrium. Constantine Dmitrich Levin, frequently called Levin or even Constantine, afterwards Kostya by Kitty, is a farmer in eighteenth century Russia. He enjoys his job and avoids the city in any respect costs. He's madly in love with Princess Catherine Alexandrovna Shcherbatskaya, normally called Kitty, but she kissed him in trusting Count Alexey Kirilich Vronsky, normally named Vronsky, a man who has demonstrated great interest in her, will indicate marriage. Both are lost but accommodate their feelings and finally wed. The book Anna Karenina directly depicts Levin as a closely constructed, honest employee, who dislikes the immoral views of the aristocracy. Levin enjoys his selection of work in the disciplines and starts to trust the peasants who assist him in his farming duties. He believes that operating out the towns provide a more noble way of life. Levin considers peasants to be more independent that people in metropolitan areas and believes the peasants more morally appropriate. Seeing the waiters busy over washing up the crockery and placing in order their pockets as well as wine-glasses, seeing their serene and cheerful faces, '' Levin felt an unexpected sense of relief as though he'd come out of a stuffy room into the fresh air (Tolstoy, 695, section 6, chapter 28). Work p.. .

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