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Essay about The Characterization of Miss Brill in Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield

In the Bedford Introduction to Literature, Characterization is defined as "... the process by which a writer creates that character look real to the reader"(2126). So as to achieve this type of author has multiple tools at their disposal which contribute to the depth of a character and simplify roles in a narrative. This includes the use of Protagonists and Antagonists, stationary and dynamic characters, telling and showing, and inspired and plausible actions, in addition to several others. The brief story "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield is no exception for this and displays the major character of Miss Brill because the protagonist, who's confronted with the fact of her existence. In order to bring us closer to Miss Brill, Mansfield employs the technique of showing, by which she allows the reader infer what kind of personality Miss Brill is purely from the descriptions and dialog of the environment around her. This is opposed to this system of Telling, in which the author make comments and evaluates the protagonist's activities for the reader. Mansfield also writes the narrative "Miss Brill" with Miss Brill having inspired action, where she describes and provides reasons for all the small things that produce her tick. This is vital for the reader to understand her views upon emotions and life, for example "On her way home she usually purchased a slice of honey-cake at the baker's. It had been her Sunday treat. Sometimes there was a almond inside her piece, sometimes not. It made a fantastic difference. If there was an almond it was just like carrying home a little gift - a surprise - something that may very well not have been there. She hurried about the almond Sunday's and hit the match for the pot in a dashing manner" (Mansfield 261). By saying this it will become evident that Miss Bril...

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