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Sensible Censorship Essay

Sensible Censorship? In Plato’s Republic, Socrates claimed that tales affect the souls of these who hear them. With all this, he continued to argue that censorship had not been only necessary but also good for society. Socrates wished to censor portions of poetry, the innovative arts, and sciences which were not productive or good for society. He believed that poetry was neither philosophical nor pragmatic and did not result in true knowledge. Rather, it was found by him to be unethical, resulting in passions and desires. He thus declared it inferior compared to the practical arts and without educational value. I trust Socrates’ goal to safeguard the globe from such falsehoods. Our thoughts are like sponges, and to be able to drive back the absorption/results of unnecessary and dangerous practices, there should be a filter. Such a filtration system would protect/preserve whatever is moral and great in society, like the innocence of the youth. This could be motivated by banning the inappropriate components of popular lifestyle, including suggestive movie articles, explicit song lyrics, and fake information shared and shown in the mass media and changing them with helpful practices. Just how much does the world affect us? Can these “harmless stories” really harm our souls? Yes! We certainly are a product of the environment. We mimic those all around us to be approved. We comply with what society deems regular or desirable in order to “easily fit into”. For example, a learning college student can head to Baylor University, major in engineering, fulfill some supportive and encouraging “nerd” friends, and sign up for a lifestyle group at church. That same student could as easily have attended the University of Texas, joined a sorority, embraced the “party life” and gotten pregnant. Youthful, preteen girls...

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