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The Great Gatsby and E. Browning Sonnets Essay examples

'The Great Gatsby' was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in, and place, in America during the 1920's. Like all literature, this novel reflects the time period where it was written; this is, the American Dream and its own decrease, social classes and the difference between them, together with World War I. The Elizabeth Browning Sonnets were written during the Romantic era. This is a period of great change and emancipation, which can be unmistakably evident in E. Browning's sonnets. Both Fitzgerald and E. Browning use a multitude of techniques throughout their texts. These methods have an impact, whether different or similar, on the reader. The American Dream has no rigorous definition, however in the twentieth century and in many ways still today, it has come to be the term which refers to an inherent faith in the assurance of the new world. It was an age of capitalism and materialism. From the post war period America turned into an incredibly affluent country, which rapidly industrialized and developed the quality of existence. The American dream, by means of the eyes of Fitzgerald, was initially about discovery, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet the 1920's are portrayed in the book, as a period of decayed social and ethical values, corrupting this fantasy, evident in its overreaching cynicism, greed, and vacant pursuit of pleasure. That is epitomized in the lavish parties that Gatsby yells every Saturday night. As the unrestrained desire for cash and pleasure surpass more noble targets the American Dream reaches its ultimate corruption. In America during the 1920's, anyone from any social background may possibly earn a lot of money. However the American aristocracy, that is the households of older wealth, scorned the newly wealthy. The publication represent...

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