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CREATED ON 2nd May 2018

Analysis of The Sixth Sense - Dr. Crow is Alive! Composing

This informative article will closely analyze the restaurant scene and also the scene in which Dr Crow is at the house using both Cole and his mom and go over the methods used to produce the audience feel the Dr Crow is living. The Sixth Sense is a thriller not to be missed. Place in Philadelphia, it sucks the viewers into a world of mystery and unrealism. The movie shows an unexpected twist in the end that is extremely unusual. The fact that Bruce Willis starred in this psychological thriller gave the movie hope of getting attention. Haley Joel Osment who played with one of the key functions in the supernatural movie, played exceptionally well. Other actresses also played their roles nicely. All in all, the movie was directed and performed flawlessly. The scene in which Dr Crow is at the home with Coles’ mother begins in a medium shot, so the audience can see their own body language but their facial expressions are not completely exposed. The viewer visit Dr Crow and Cole's mommy sitting in profile. This can be effective as the audience can look at the bigger picture and instantly get the impression that they were both having a dialogue, but the simple fact that she's biting her nails may suggest that she's nervous. Their knees are angled away from each other. He looks in her while she stares into space, along with the audience feel like they've walked in on something. Because the Dr can definitely observe her, the audience never assume she cannot see him. She appears very anxious, but he's seen as being calm and half-smiling. This suggests that she is discussing her son using a psychologist which is why she is obviously concerned and the audience assume that he is trying to be sympathetic but at exactly the exact same time also hoping to assure her. The doorway is the fundamental focus of th...

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