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Mrs.Dubose in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

Mrs.Dubose at Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird The personality Mrs. Dubose is fulfilled from the reader in chapter 11 of this novel, and can be used as a dramatic device through out that chapter. This technique by the writer of Mrs. Dubose assists the reader to fully comprehend how much of a good neighbor she's to the Finch family, and also her true good qualities. From the outset of chapter, Scout creates her feelings towards Mrs. Dubose very clear, by saying that "she was barbarous", and that "Jem and I loathed her". They "can do nothing to please her", and when Scout attempted to please her she would reply by hurling abuse at them. Even though Jem and Scout don't fully understand why she was such a cruel person, Atticus would remind his two kids of how they need to be polite to her, as "she's an old lady, you just hold your head high and be a gentleman". However, it all becomes too much for Jem, when Mrs. Dubose begins throwing abuse , but about Atticus saying that "your dad's no better than the niggers and the crap he works for". This for Jem, was not only the last straw, but was the worst possible insult to him. In the novel Atticus is quite powerful to Jem and so fully respected and admired by him. This insult hurts Jem and also to get even, he decides to kill every one of Mrs. Dubose's precious blossoms. But when Atticus finds out about his activities, his punishment is to read to Mrs. Dubose (at her request) daily apart from Saturdays for two hours. Jem reluctantly agrees to do so, and Scout agrees to join him from sheer boredom. Whilst Jem reads to her, Scout realizes how sick and sick she had been as "her face was a.

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