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Lydia Marie Child along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton Essay

The thought of independence rarely enters the mind of an American woman now. Now women will vote, hold office, ascertain any profession (if she so desires), and even run for the presidency! Girls have far outstepped the boundaries of obedient housewife, they've lost the restraints of domestic duties and strived for a larger goal, a frequent objective - to be equivalent to, or greater compared to their counterpart that is overburdened. In a world where the sex role is becoming increasingly less defined, where men become "mannies" or assume that the location of "househusband," it is not difficult to forget the past. One just defeats the plights of her ancestors, even if embracing the copious liberties available to the contemporary woman. But while embracing the frequently axiomatic freedoms nowadays, women everywhere must take the time to acknowledge the struggles of previous generations. If one managed able to delve into the history of early American society, they'd surely discover a male-dominated country where women were expected to tend to their own kitchen as opposed to share the duty of high authorities. During this period, a woman was regarded as the home of her husband, and has been to remain compliant and silent. Yet, two brilliant authors, Lydia Marie Child and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, resolved to face and deal with the oppression afflicting America's girls. Though these two girls have different styles of writing, they both advocate similar contentions. Lydia Marie Child's approach to this matter of women's rights is flashy; she addresses her perception of the issue whilst maintaining a serene, incisive personality. When she's clearly distraught, she manages to maintain composure. The fact that she cites a number of other functions within her letter sug...

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