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CREATED ON 2nd May 2018

Characteristics in Music Essay

Music has distinct components that audience people should figure out how to identify and identify in music. This knowledge shall help enhance the listeners experience and improve communication between patrons. The basic blocks of music composition can help the listener create a greater appreciation for and interest in songs. Music can be an abstract artwork that defies total explanations, but understanding how to communicate with the correct terminology enables you to even more accurately express your views on music. Figure out how to value the richness of music and provide more fulfillment to your daily life by starting with a simple knowledge of the components of music. Countermelody and melody Melodies and countermelodies contain three basic features - phrases, periods, and motives. The melody may be the right portion of the composition which can be sung back. Most melodies, or tunes, follow a stepwise motion and may be sung by the average indivdual. Most melodies avoid large leaps or skips in the music, as skips and leaps are both tough to sing and generate a disjunct feeling in the music. As the music becomes more complex, melodies are more abstract and skips and leaps are more common commonly. The melodies of Webern, Schoenberg, and Berg contains wide leaps, as the melodies of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven is commonly more stepwise. When met with a fresh piece, try hearing it at least 3 x before moving judgment on the composition. This will permit you to gain familiarity with the work before making a decision. The antithesis of a melody may be the countermelody. As the name suggests, a countermelody against plays, or counter to the melody. Many countermelodies are performed in the bigger registers. For example, the piccolo co...

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