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Essay on Something Must Come To An End

One Must Come To An End At the start of the brief story "The End of Something," Hemingway's very first sentence describes a lumber town. Following the first page of the brief story, "The End of Something," the lumber town is no more cited. The reader might wonder why Hemingway wrote about a timber town in any respect. What is the point of mentioning a timber town when the narrative focuses on the connection between Nick and Marjorie? This question could be answered by explication of this name of the brief story, "The End of something." Hemingway uses the title to emphasize the end of a town that was once abounding, and the conclusion of Nick and Marjorie's connection that at some point was fun. The first two paragraphs of the first paragraph in "The End of Something" discuss the lumber town and the people in it, "IN THE previous days Hortons Bay was a lumbering town. Nobody who dwelt in it had been out of sound of the huge saws from the mill from the lake" (Hemingway 31). An individual can infer from these sentences that the city was little because everyone who resided there could listen to the saws. In the third sentence, Hemingway starts to explain the beginning of the town's conclusion, "Then one year there have been no more logs to produce timber" (31). Unexpectedly, this timber city cannot be the city it's since it is losing everything which makes it. During the 19th century, many American cities were located around industrial components or mills. Nevertheless, in the early 20th century, the time when In Our Time was released, a few companies were consolidating that forced small mills in isolated areas to close down. The closing down of the mill is what's happening in the rest of the very first paragraph of "The End of Something." Hemingway describes, especially from the se...

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