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The Annals of Physical & Electrical Building Services in a 2 story Office Building

Introduction This document was written to give information to a customer, and will advise on the integration of Mechanical & Electrical construction services in a 2 storey office building. The construction also has cellar space available for plant allocation. The areas That Have Been requested for consideration are: Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning systems Heat loading Calculating Lighting Provision Fire and Security Systems Each segment will come with a string sketch layouts showing installation procedures and places inside the building. Proof will be used from outside sources to strengthen the record. Reference to proposed construction plans can be seen in the appendix Mechanical HVAC Services Whether coping with almost any construction specific services need to be considered at the design phase to enable occupiers have moderate requirements and a comfortable working environment. HVAC systems (heating, venting and air conditioning systems) have been used to supply buildings with ‘conditioned air’ which is odourless and fresh, and ensuring the humidity, humidity and circulation of the air is inside a certain relaxation range enticing to the occupiers. Figure 1 on page 5 is a diagram that explains a fundamental design procedure when designing a heating or ventilation system for a construction. Heating systems In accordance with the charted institute of building services engineers ‘˜a successful heating system design will lead to a system which may be set up and commissioned to deliver the indoor temperatures needed for the client.’ (CIBSE Guide B 2004) a heating service should also be designed to sustain its original performance capabilities over its intended life with minimal need for maintena...

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