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Catch 22 and World War II Essay

Catch-22 begins in an army hospital with John Yossarian about the island Pianosa. He's in the hospital since he's sick and the doctors aren't quite certain why he's ill so they are just treating him for constipation. While there he's assigned the task of censoring the letters out of the hospital into the homes of the soldiers. He plays games with all these letters like blacking out each of the adjectives and sometimes shooting out every a, a, and the from the letters. This is odd because when you think of the armed forces it's supposed to be like a brotherhood so it makes you believe that he would want his fellow soldier's letters to get home for their families but instead he pretty much destroys the messages inside them. Yossarian like every other sane person does not wish to get back to the fighting; he also figures out that if he remains in bad health they cannot send him on any more assignments. The doctors believe that there is something wrong with all Yossarian's liver in order that they give him fruit which is assumed to help your liver and cause you to healthy Yossarian never eats the fruit since he knows that it is going to cause him better and that is what he doesn't desire. Yossarian has flown nearly twenty five twenty and missions is the required number of assignments to finish to go home. He is currently informed that the required number of missions for leave is left up to fifty. Each time Yossarian is near being in a position to depart the requirement is increased even higher and this also makes Yossarian just want to go home. This shows the corruption of their military during World War II. The simple fact that they need to keep raising the amount of assignments completed reveals that the army was desperate to get great soldiers. Back in 1944 if Catch-22 takes place, there was not any draft. The draf...

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