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The Importance of the Mare in Anton Chekhov’s Agony Essay

The Importance of the Mare in Agony Iona Potapov, the primary personality in Anton Chekhov’s brief tale, "Misery," is usually longing for somebody to pay attention to his problems. Every individual he comes in get in touch with with blatantly ignores his badly-needed-to-tell-story by either shunning him or dropping in bed. There is definitely, nevertheless, one character in this tale that would pay attention to Iona voluntarily, a personality who can be with Iona through nearly the whole tale. This personality is normally his mare. Renato Poggioli details the tale as getting constructed "around two motionless statistics, an pet and a guy" (316). Iona and the mare are extremely much alike. They appear to be each other’s only companion, and they also as well action a great deal. When Iona quietly sits, covered in snow that has fallen on him, his little mare is described as "white and motionless too" (17). Neither guy nor mare loves you move; both are still, freezing in period, waiting around. Another example of the comparable behavior between the two occurs when "the sledge drivers clicks to the equine, cranes his throat like a swan. The mare cranes her neck of the guitar, as well" (18). As the tale starts Iona rests in his sleigh frantically waiting around for his initial cost, and when that cost comes he instantly begins to speak of his son’s loss of life (18). Although his greatest feasible friend - the mare - is usually currently present to pay attention to his tale, Iona will not really arrive to this understanding until very much afterwards in the tale. At the beginning, he believes that what he needs still, and will be able to find, is another human being with whom to share his woes. The fare’s response to Iona’s tale is normally, "have you eliminated damaged, you outdated pet dog? Appear where you are heading" (18). Iona, disturb at this, proceeds to appear about at the cost, in expectations of beginning his tale u...

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