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Heroes and Heroism in Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day Post

Heroes and Heroism in Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day When one asks a child, "What do you really wish to be when you grow up?" A typical response is "that a fireman" or even "a ballerina." Back in Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day, however, the young Bim and Raja are somewhat more demanding; they reply that they would like to become a hero and heroine. Later, Bim asks somewhat bitterly, "The protagonist and heroine-where are they? Down at the bottom of the well-gone, disappeared" (157). Bim has lost track of her personalities; nonetheless, Raja and Tara haven't. The 3 siblings have very different relationships to epic ideals. Raja is the very obviously hero-conscious character. To start with, he is very artistic and idealistic, so he adores poetry, in both English and Urdu. He merely reads and quotes English poets, such as Byron and Tennyson; nonetheless, he moves farther in mimicking the style of Urdu poetry in his own verses. Since Bim thinks, The writings were really very derivative. On each of these she could definitely observe the influence of the poets that he loved and copied. There was no image, no metaphor, no return of expression that was first. Every has been a meticulous imitation of what he had read, memorized and recited... One could see in them just a desire to emulate and also to step where his heroes had stepped ahead of him. (168) Raja isn't attempting to be a first poet in his very own; he simply strives to be just like his personalities, which he does perfectly. Throughout the Urdu poetry that he so admires, Raja becomes familiar with his Muslim neighbor and landlord, Hyder Ali. At first Raja just has permission to borrow and read the books in Hyder Ali's library, but increasingly he becomes more involved with that family's household. There he learns to app...

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