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Article on The Characters of Anthem, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged

The Triumphant Details of Anthem, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged In reading the fiction works of Ayn Rand, a person becomes immediately aware of her use of characterization to exhibit a specific set of mores that are relevant to a group in the current society she is describing. In Anthem, for instance, even the names hold significance toward the point of this narrative. The name Liberty 5-3000, a gross smear of this philosophy of her planet, becomes The Golden One, and then Gaea at the opinion of the protagonist. This use of a title, a face, to convey the message of a bunch becomes a common thread throughout all four of Miss Rand's novels. The Fountainhead is no exception. Although the names do not have quite the quantity of significance, the figures presented are a startling appraisal of these characters to be found within this nation's artistic culture. Howard Roark is the protagonist of this story; he is your John Galt of this book. Throughout the course of this novel, his character is balanced by several others. Henry Cameron is undoubtedly the saddest. While Howard signifies a individual that owns the trait of honesty, Henry Cameron signifies the man that has sold out his beliefs. While Howard recognizes the requirement to create for the sake of this creation, Henry Cameron is the shadow of all people who felt that they could no longer produce for 'the establishment.' "It's no use wasting everything you've got in an ideal which you will never achieve, that they will never let you reach. It is no use, taking that marvelous thing you have and creating a torture rack for yourself out of it." . . "Accept them, Roark. Compromise." These were words from a guy that wasn't Henry Cameron, but a shell of a man left for dead at the side of the road by an institution t.. .

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