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THE PERSEPTION OF PARENT/CHILD RELATIONSHIPS IN THE SONNETS BY GEORGE ELIOT AND SIR WALTER RALEGH 'Brother and Sister' by George Eliot and 'Sir Walter Ralegh into his son' by Sir Walter Ralegh are both sonnets on the Topic of Children and Parental Relationships. Regardless of one sonnet being written by a female and another by a guy, their relationships with their kids are extremely important to them. They are both Shakespearean sonnets, handling the aspects of age and experience. George Eliot is writing as a child and what their mother is saying to them, where as Sir Ralegh is writing as a father and what he's saying to his son. It's distinguished that George is composing as a child as her first line says her mother "stroked down my tippet and set my brother's frill " Therefore , this will have to be taken into account when comparing the two sonnets. The two sonnets are alike, as life has been clarified - what must and mustn't be done and what to look out for. They're different ideas however, as in George Eliot's sonnet she's a young, innocent kid listening to her mother talk to her brother, in which in Sir Ralegh's sonnet he's much older and has the job of describing life to his son and what he needs to avoid. The two sonnets are like both are Shakespearean sonnets as they follow the routine of three quatrains and a final cuplet. However, the ideas portrayed are different. In George Eliot's sonnet the first quatrain describes the background to what is occurring. The third and second quatrain describe the environment and what part that plays in her life. But, in Sir Ralegh's first quatrain goes directly into explaining the situation. The next and next quatrains then go on in det.. .

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