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The Character of John Proctor in The Crucible Essay

In the novel The Crucible, writer Arthur Miller utilizes varying degrees of goodness and evil to restrain the flow of the narrative while showcasing a Puritan town's superstitions and fear of the devil to justify the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The central character in Salem is John Proctor, an outspoken, successful, and well-respected individual who chooses to maintain a particular distance in the church. Spiritual in mind, this man who has sinned, publicly condemns the witch trials while hiding a secret that may discredit the principal accuser, Abigail Williams. John Proctor is a man consumed by remorse, who draws on his contempt for Reverend Parris, his passion for his wife, and his need to accept responsibility for his actions to gain the strength of personality it takes to openly acknowledge his sins, denounce Abigail Williams, and save his soul. As soon as Reverend Parris is made to the church in Salem John Proctor starts to resent the ministry's outstanding attitude and greed. An outspoken man, Proctor takes every opportunity to criticize Reverend Parris and the now corrupt church. This bitterness leads John to work with his spouse Elizabeth's illness as an excuse to stay away from Sunday agencies, a choice which will come back to haunt the Proctors in the future. On the very first day that the town starts buzzing around witches, John queries Reverend Parris' motives in front of many of Salem's most notable citizens when he learns that Parris has delivered to the Reverend John Hale, an expert on witches, without calling a city meeting first. A firm believer that the citizens must determine on Salem's course of actions; John uses this situation.

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