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Louis de Bernières' Novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin Essays

Louis de Bernières' Novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin Already from the first chapter the author introduces us to one of the most essential characters of this novel, Dr. Iannis. There are many aspects that help the writer to present him to the viewers. The most important ones are language (including the story style) and also classical allusions. The diction in this chapter is quite hard and contains a lot of medical terminology. This shows us that Dr. Iannis is still a extremely educated man and that probably most of the people on the island respect him due to this excellence. In the phrases that he uses we discover that he loves to impress folks, especially if they are their patients. For example in the first chapter rather than telling his patient the reason behind his earache is a pea, he explains it as "an extortionate neuronal impediment"-this assists the physician to create some mystery about his work and knowledge and for that reason makes him a more interesting person in the view of Stamatis and his wife. Dr. Iannis is "conscious of the requirement for maintaining a certain mystique, and completely aware that "a pea from the ear" was likely to get him any kudos", from such notions we understand that the physician knows very well the mentality of humans and so is aware of what they expect him to express. Another aspect that plays a significant part in introducing this character is the story style. The terminology that Dr. Iannis utilizes is quite formal and detached. He isn't attempting to get closer to his pupils, because he realizes that there's a gap between them, particularly due to the instruction level. At exactly the identical time the style of language that Stamatis and his spouse usage is extremely different from the doctor's. For examination...

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