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Albanian Immigration to Italy Throughout the 1900's Essay

From the time of the Roman Empire and well into the mid-twentieth century, Albania was a country dominated by foreign control and political turmoil. From 1385 to 1912, constituting a half-dozen year interval of revolt led by Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, the Ottomans had ruled Albania. But, progress was made during the twentieth century when on November 28, 1912, Albania declared its independence and subsequently established its boundaries a year after. However, during World War II, Albania was occupied both by Italy and Germany and was subsequently eventually ruled by a Communist leader, Enver Hoxha. Hoxha kept foreigners from threatening the nation but concurrently allowed Albanian inhabitants to be subject to "purges, shortages, repression of civil and political rights, a complete ban on religious observance, and increased isolation" ("Albania: History"). These Communist practices continued for over forty decades and only stopped in 1991, following Hoxha's death. Defeating communism and preventing from complete isolation allowed for relaxed controls on emigration, and so international migration became a significant political, social and financial phenomenon (Carletto, Davis, Stampini, Zezza). Approximately 25 percent of the Albanian people has been leaving their native land (Kosic, Triandafyllidou), and many settled in neighboring nations where opportunities were plentiful. For instance, large communities started to develop in southern Italy, namely Campomarino, Portocannone, Ururi, and Chieuti (Perta). Within the geographical context of southern Italy, Albanians were initially abused and stereotyped by Italians, which caused them to try to blend in with Italian culture, allowing for enhanced conditions although not absolute approval by native Italians. Political instabili...

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