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The Bell Jar Essay

The Bell Jar People's lifestyles are shaped through their failure and success in their own relationships with each other. The writer Sylvia Plath shows that in the publication, The Bell Jar. This can be the direct outcome of the lack of service in the loved one, lack of support and encouragement, and lack of self confidence and jealousy in Esther's life in the The Bell Jar. It had been shaped through her success and failures in her personal relationships involving others and herself. Through life, we often eliminate a person we loved and cared deeply for and encouraged us through life. This can be attested by the reduction of a loved one when Esther's dad died when she was twenty eight. "My German speaking father, dead since I was nine came from some manic-depressive hamlet from the Prussia." (Sylvia Plath page 27.) Esther's father's death had revealed that she was needing a father figure for love, service and also to serve as a model for her lifetime. Esther grew up with only the one effect of a parent's, her mother. Quite often the loss of a friendship can be a great loss of confidence and support within our own lives because we can lose them indefinitely. This is demonstrated when Buddy Willard Esther's boyfriend split up. "He told me that his annual fall chest x-ray showed he had caught tuberculosis...from the Adirondacks" (Sylvia Plath pg. 58.) Buddy and Esther break up due to the fact that he wasn't very truthful with her in several ways. He did not have the courage to admit to a certain side of his character and not only that Buddy was diagnosed with an illness but he had other relationships aside from Esther. Therefore Esther experienced another loss of a family. In life, we get the support from someone that helps us get through life however often times leaves us when we need them most. This is known when Doreen; Esthers co-worker at the modeling magazine begins to lose contact with Esther through life "Doreen is dissolving... not one of them mean anything anymore" (Sylvia Plath pg.17) Doreen begins to get rid of contact with Esther during life, just once Doreen had opened new doors to her. Esther was coming through a really tough time in life, when Doreen began drifting away from Esther. Once more, Esther experienced the loss and support of a excellent friend and advocate. Ones' lifetime is composed by frame. You gather friends and folks together and.

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