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Essay about LGBT Subculture

There are people that live in fear of showing their true individuality to the planet because they simply fear that society will not accept them for having a different sexual orientation. Society advocates that people should be in a position to be proud of who they are, but yet they judge homosexuals for being distinct. People are taught to not judge others based on their race or faith, so why can they still discriminate against homosexuals? The homosexual subculture is not accepted by society, looked down upon, and misjudged; nevertheless , they're human beings and have to be treated equally. Religion is an important aspect on why society considers homosexuality is wrong and shouldn't be accepted. Individuals who are contrary to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community because of their faith believe that "homosexuality is a dreadful transgression of God's plan" (Bawer 74). They believe them sinners as they're going against God's original intention; connections must be between a man and a girl. Nia Augustin is a member of the Christian community and believes that supporting or being gay goes against her religion beliefs. In her interview, Augustin stated, "I have been told that the intention of a man and woman being together would be to reproduce, but a gay couple cannot do that, so that is not of God." Homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of religious individuals because it involves gender that does not produce life. But, it's ironic that people which use contraceptives to stop them from creating yet another life aren't judged as cruelly by society. Even though homosexuals aren't able to have kids, they are still people and they have to be treated similarly. LGBT individuals are...

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