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CREATED ON 25th April 2018

Essay about Failures of the Drug War

American law enforcement has made drug enforcement among its highest priorities for nearly forty decades. But more people than ever are starting to question the true benefits of the Drug War. Meanwhile, the President of the USA, Barack Obama has known to the Drug War as an "utter failure" in the YouTube movie "Barack Obama on Marijuana Decriminalization (2004)." These kinds of negative opinions on the Drug War aren't unjustified. The Drug War has cost Americans 33 billion dollars and countless lives (Miron Par. 1). The Drug War is a bad alternative to combat drug use in America as evidenced by the history of Prohibition, the crime it generates, the damaging effects it has on the lives of consumers, and the several deaths it results in. The Drug War is a failed policy and the government must respond by legalizing all recreational drugs. It is common knowledge in the United States that Prohibition is a failure. In the 1920's alcohol has been made illegal by the US government during Prohibition. Rather than preventing alcohol consumption, this only created organized crime groups and a black market for the material. The coverage didn't only fail to relieve the US from drug use, but also lead to the formation of organized criminal associations and harmful substitutes for all these drugs. The very same issues apply when medication are made illegal (Thornton 1). Today there is an enormous black market Gross 2 for drugs that helps lead to problems with prostitution, gambling, and even human organs. Society is suffering from the ineffective and costly results of prohibition. Although medication regulation has steadily been increasing, drug use and drug related deaths have increased steadily. Though spending to fight the...

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