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Noblewoman at a Male-Centered Society Essay

"Days of a Russian Noblewoman" is a translated memoir originally composed by a Russian noblewoman named Anna Labzina. Anna's memoir gives a exceptional perspective of the personal life and gender roles of noble families in Russia. Anna sees the male and female gender as similar in nature, but maybe not in morality and religiosity. She sees men as basically different in morality and religiosity due to their capacity to be publicly dogmatic, outspoken, and libertine. Anna implies throughout her memoir that lady in this society have the capability to shape and control their lives through exuding a small, submissive, and virtuous behaviour in times of anguish. During her marriage, Labzina discovers that her culture is highly male based. Anna transcribes her memories in a manner that transitions from being able to love openly to being made to enjoy Alexander Karmyshev out of obligation; this is an arranged marriage by her mother. Anna sees the part of a noblewomen as being completely submissive towards their husbands even under excruciating conditions. The lessons learned from her mom helped shape and control her life. Labzina's mother instilled that the course of entry and survival within her head prior to departing. Her mother's motivation for teaching her these items was so top-notch folks would intercede on her behalf by respect for her. Her mother's teachings were to: "Respect your husband as your own master, obey him, and adore him with all your heart, even if he acts badly towards youDon't listen to flirtations of menConduct yourself no guy would be so daring as to state something indecentHide nothing against her [mother-in law] which is in mind, you will be spared several misfortunes" (p.16, p.23). In this time period peri...

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