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The Case Against Civil Disobedience Essay

Civil Disobedience is a willful violation contrary to the law to be able to invoke change against a government policy. Civil disobedience can arrive in the shape of running a red light or j-walking, or even in more noticeable techniques such as riots. Coined by American writer and poet Henry David Thoreau, the expression has developed to specify the action of disobeying a law one sees as unfit or unfair. Generally the goal of civil disobedience would be to obtain public attention to some perceived injustice and appeal to or gain assistance from the public in a standardised manner. The concept is to induce the government to negotiate or else carry on with the unwanted behaviour; or in simpler terms, to "clog the system" ("Civil Disobedience"). It's believed by most that the act of civil disobedience is justifiable in a democratic government such as that of the USA. A Democracy is understood to be a form of government controlled by elected representatives or by the people themselves. Nonetheless, in order to have a stable government, it must be constructed on a stable society. Social welfare is your overall good for the public and the way its members take actions to provide opportunities and minimal criteria. In accordance with social welfare, which is the sake of the psychological and physiological well-being of this community, the legislation must be abided and civil disobedience is morally unfair within our society. After any part of the society questions the affairs of this country, the country could be granted up for missing ("Jean Jacques Rousseau"). Morality is the principles and criteria set by society for assessing between wrong and right. "One hasn't only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws" (A Natural Law Approach 284). Unreasonable laws made by a democratic legislature can really e.. .

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