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Effective Teaching Practices from the Writing Classroom Essay

"While I'd thought initially to matriculate into the English Department, it appears to be more heavily weighted toward theory than application, whereas the pedagogical training I believe necessary for instruction can be found through ETAP." So I'd believed and so I composed in my application for entry to the doctoral program. At precisely the exact same time, realizing I would need a solid grounding in my topic area to teach rhetoric and composition, my aim for pursing a Ph.D., I co-matriculated the next semester into the English Department's M.A. program about the writing arrangement. Returning to school from a corporate background meant that, while I'd trained individuals and tiny groups in the workplace, I'd had no classroom experience with teaching writing. As well, the sun has risen so many times in my memories of learning to write myself that those memories are fairly nicely bleached out by now. However, after almost two decades worth of English and education classes, I've learned little about successful teaching practices in the writing classroom. I’ve read about issues of culture and diversity (Apple, 1996; inventories, 1997; Bruner, 1996; Freire, 1998; hooks, 1994) and I’ve been subjected to the history of composition and various approaches to teaching writing (Berlin, 1987; Durst, 1999; Elbow, 1973; Haswell, 1991; Herrington Lindemann, 1995; Miller, 1993, for example). The greater part of class time has been spent discussing racism and feminism and sexism and classism and Marxism and structuralism and expressionism and post-colonialism until the appearance of "ism" makes my eyes glaze over. The teaching of anything ordered or concrete, like the specific formats set forth by current-traditional rhetoric or gr...

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