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Satire and Fantasy at Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle Essay

Satire and Fantasy in Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle For this essay, I decided to choose two terms that explain Cat's Cradle. I believed that satire and fantasy were two terms that suited the novel quite nicely. The publication appears as a satire since it makes a mockery of items which were of concern at the sixties. For example, the Cuban missile crisis proved to be a huge issue in the early twenties. Religion was taken much more seriously, and the family unit has been more closely wound. In the publication, the danger comes not by a huge warhead, but out of a little crystal of Ice-nine. Religion is satired in Bokononism, which can be a faith that is based on lies. The household unit is satired from the Hoenikkers. The dad is detached from truth, the sister would be really a giant, and the brother is a midget. The Cuban threat can be satirized from San Lorenzo and it is dictator Papa Monzano. Cat's Cradle also has many components of fantasy woven throughout. A little crystal which can freeze water and may destroy the entire world and could only be stopped by means of a temperature of 114 degrees is a fantastic illustration of the dream element in the publication. It provides the story an almost futuristic feel, although by modern standards the publication is obsolete. Jonah's whole experience is reminiscent of epic tales. He journeys to a far off land, San Lorenzo. He's known to experience by Newt's letter. He discovers a mysterious talisman, Ice-nine. He falls in love with the gorgeous maiden, Mona. The religion of Bokononism includes a fantasy element to it. Johnson changes his name to Bokonon much like in Buddhism. There are all the writings from the Books of Bokonon, along with the Boko-maru that are equally amazing thoughts in themselves. Cat's Cradle includes many elements of many types of genres. It may be consider...

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