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Chaotic Period During the Cultural Revolution in China Essay

Introduction The span of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) was an interval in which every level of society has been subjected to great sufferings. Even though the loss of life was greater through the Great Leap Forward and the second Sino-Japanese warfare, suffering is not only measured in loss of life. Good parts of cultural heritage was ruined, official associations captured functioning and everybody was at risk of being accused of counter-revolutionary (so called black) activities or trends. This may sound as the very definition of a society at a chaotic state, but it is intriguing to talk about what's really known as chaos. Even the Red Guard movement, that was a major actor in the revolutionary activities during the Cultural Revolution., was created by Mao Zedong. Additionally the goals and privileges the Red Guards had and appreciated were largely analyzed or rectified by Mao too. Can you say that a revolution started by the de facto head of the state can go in below the mainstream meaning of what is understood as chaos? So as to assess this question, and on account of the gigantic extent of this Cultural revolution itself, I have decided to look at some critical events in the start of the cultural revolution the so-called Red Guard period. However, before we could handle these events, we have to look at Maos reasons for launching the revolution itself. Roots of the Revolution Many scholars seem to agree on that the roots of their Cultural Revolution put within the mind of Mao Zedong. Mao was worried for quite a while regarding the stagnation of the Chinese revolution and the bureaucratization of the Chinese Communist Party, a process that he found just as much a struggle to the proletarian dictatorship because the b.. .

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