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American Religion in Long Days Journey into Night Essay

American Religion in Long Days Journey into Night The modernist sentiments throughout Long Days Journey into Night, by Eugene O'Neill, are evident in many different ways. Among the methods that he used was that the portrayal of America's withdrawal from conventional religion and manners of behaviour. He utilized his immigrant Irish family, the Tyrones, as a base with this notion by highlighting their death from conventional Irish beliefs as well as their battle to make new, uniquely American , ones. O'Neill did this by repeatedly evoking a drastic difference between his character's behavior and their Irish Catholic counterparts. He also replaced the main tenets of the Catholic faith, communion and confession, with entirely new ones. While the Tyrone family was busy hammering new American spirituality, the writer was bringing about the birth of truly American drama. The Tyrone family made the decision to renounce their old ties and form new ones, with differing levels of success. This meant that a severing in the Catholic faith community, leaving a social emptiness that they tried to fill with money and drugs. James Tyrone, the dad, sold out himself early on when he opted to act for cash instead that for the sake of art. His sons Jamie and Edmond also turned off from the Church by shrouding their own lives in alcohol and whores. Last, their mother Mary Tyrone had effectively excommunicated herself by marrying a disreputable actor and turning into morphine to address her problems. I am not sure if ultimately their religions matched up to their.

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