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Writer on Travel Through the Dark by William Stafford

Traveling Through the Dark by William Stafford In his poem, "Traveling Through the Dark," William Stafford introduces the reader with the problem of one person's decision. Immediately, the scene was placed, with all the driver, who is "traveling though the dim" (line 1) coming to a recently killed deer. At first, his choice with things to do with all the deer is simple; he knows he must push off it the border for the protection of other drivers, but subsequently, a closer evaluation of the bull shows to the guy new circumstances. His conclusion is now perplexing, and his course of action is uncertain. Throughout his use of metaphor, symbolism, and personification, Stafford adheres into the tough decisions which happen along the trail of life, and also the consequences which are a result from those choices. With the usage of these stylistic devices, William Stafford illuminates death as a consequence of certain decisions. To exemplify the subject of death, Stafford introduces a metaphor concerning the literal street to the street of life. In the very first stanza, the street is clarified; it is narrow and is called the "Wilson river Road" (line 2). Additionally, the reader gets the sense that the road is extremely dim, and so isolated. The only illuminated section of the road is the stretch that the guy is now travelling. Symbolically, this represents the gift in the man?s life. The street that has already been traveled symbolizes the past. The guy is not able to view it because of the shadow; nonetheless, it's implanted in his memory during his adventures. Furthermore, the man literally can't see farther ahead on this street, only as far as the headlights will permit. Similarly, the potential in our own lives is not yet been discovered. As one can see, Stafford?s metaphorical desc...

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