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Gospel Culture Encounter Essay

"Each Christian is both a part of the universal church as well as a participant in a specific culture. There is not a single Christian interpretation of Jesus; there are several different ones, shaped by different cultures." I find this quotation by Lesslie Newbigin, by his book The Open Secret, for a great and apropos description of that which we find in our quest of The Theology of the Pain of God from Kazoh Kitamori. Kitamori's notions are definitely formed by the Japanese culture, but nevertheless can be placed on the church theological thought procedure. One of the things which I find most fascinating and distinctive about Kitamori's publication would be the five prefaces. Kitamori wrote his book during what he calls the "recklessly torn scenarios of WWII" and it was first published in Japanese in 1946. It had been translated and printed in English in 1965 and was then translated into German (1972), Spanish (1975), Italian (1975) and Korean (1987). The prefaces light that the author is seeing and experiencing his book and the subject of the book come to life in other countries and other languages in a surprising way. While his book has "Japanese features", as he would say, his book has impact on the Western world. In fact, Kitamori's book was one, though not the very first, of theological Japanese novels to be introduced in the English speaking world. As can be observed from the title, Kitamori's attention of his writing is about the "theology of the pain of God" or what he also calls "the theology of love rooted in the pain of God". He informs us that the primary subject of the novel is to "behold the pain of God, because the theology of the pain of God is worried about his pain". He also maintains that the theology of this pain o.. .

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