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Innocence and Experience in Blake's The Chimney Sweeper Essay

Innocence and Experience in Blake's The Chimney Sweeper The main obvious distinction between the two poems would be the length, even though this is not necessarily a difference between innocence and experience, it will tempt the reader into the right frame of mind to browse into the mindset of each poem. Innocence consists of six, four-line stanzas, where as experience is just three, four-line stanzas. The duration of each line is also more in innocence when compared to experience. When you examine what each of those poems is portraying, this sounds to be an effective way to draw a distinguishing line between both. Innocence begins in a somewhat gloomy tone, advising us from a child's first person perspective that he was sold with his family until he had learnt to talk properly. Blake then plays on the term 'sweep', which a young chimney sweeper would have to yell in the roads, and turns it to 'weep'. The repetative usage of this word 'weep!' Is ironic and reflects the disposition of the opening stanza. The second stanza starts to link to an indvidual boy situation, warming the reader to the poem over the prior stanza. Blake continues by telling us 'little Tom Dacre, who cried when his mind, That curl would like a lamb's back, was shaved'. The shaving of the boy's mind invokes a sympathetic response to the circumstance. Also, the contrast between the boy's hair and a lamb has a religious significance behind it, Jesus is often refered to as "the lamb of god", the religious references within this proposal, when detected on a complete, would originally induce the assumption that Blake is praising faith. At the end of the paragraph, '' Tom Dacre's...

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