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Essay about A Painter as a Poet

A Painter as a Poet Each of these words could easily explain the fiery brushstrokes on a professional canvas. But, it is the fire of E.E. Cummings poetry they are meant to express. The words and designs of his functions embody the same breathless quality contained in modern art. It's not surprising he was an open minded critic, attentive observer, motivated participant, and committed fan of varied art forms besides his celebrated poetry. The concepts of impulsive creation that are evident in artwork are also apparent in Cummings' poems. From the first book of his works to the past they've remained free of confining syntactic and rigid guidelines. The specific manner an impressionist painter may use potent color to communicate the basis of his paining; Cummings uses vivid words to pull in the reader and make their subconscious sense his point before their mind knows it. The usage of this uncommon technique is how he has originated a small miracle in each individual poem. By attaining a comprehension of Cummings' connection to art, a reader can be illuminated with a heightened respect for his distinctive and rousing poetry. In 1945, Estlin Cummings composed this winsome conversation between himself and a hypothetical interviewer: " Oh yes, one more question: where would you live after this war is over? " " In China as usual. " " China? " " Obviously. " " Whereabouts in China? " " Where a lady is a poet " It conveys his sense of art as one, indivisible category. Throughout his life, from 1894 to 1962, he did not yield to any boundaries and encouraged the intermingling of distinct artistic outlets. That mindset is what instigated his composing of the ballet, " Tom " according to Uncle Tom's C.. .

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