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Essay on Story of an Hour

From the brief story "The Story of an Hour", Kate Chopin refers to an hour of a woman, a new widow seems to be who recognizes a new free life and enjoys it only at a brief minute; one hour straight after obtaining a news of her husbands death in an accident. She has everything and everything in the same time "an hour." At the start of the narrative, we all know that Mrs. Mallard has a heart trouble. Why the author builds the central character with a cardiovascular disorder? The heart problem of Mrs. Mallard appears to be only an excuse, a reason for her passing at the ending of the narrative. Is it really a physical disorder or through the picture of the heart affliction, the writer would like to imply an internal suffering of a woman within her union life? We can see that as getting a bad news of her husband's passing, she responds as a standard way it's of any other wives. She endures to get the bad news. However, she makes readers a little shocked as her suffering passing so quick. To deal with the grief over her husband's assumed death, she locks herself in her area. But in this short moment, she believes something coming into her. Standing looking outside the window, she unintentionally admits a new life beyond it. The symbol of window is her calling with the external world. The writer employs the image of beautiful nature scenery outside the window such as: "blue skies", "the clouds", "new spring life", "breath of rain", "the tops of trees all aquiver", "countless twittering sparrows in the eaves" to make a great life, a fresh and pure life that she's just attained. Evidently, before she gets the information, sky remains blue, bird remains singing, and also the trees, the clouds and all remain in its normal circle but she might not.

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