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CREATED ON 22nd April 2018

Muslim Girls Essay

Muslim Women once I chose the subject of Americanization of Arab Muslim women, I believe I expected a simple, easy to categorize, research undertaking. To the contrary, what I found was surprisingly different. While I think of myself as a liberal, open-minded female, this job gave me a very new outlook on myself and a lot of my views as well. Muslim women living in america are quite honestly more varied, more complex, more structured, more contemplative, and more culturally intuitive than that I could have ever imagined in my limited expertise and knowledge of those. The 'Americanization' I sought to illustrate proven to resemble something closer to a religio-cultural tug-of-war compared to called homogeneous transformation, or adaptation, to our Western culture and religious orientation. The girls whose lives that I read about (individually as well as in group research) seemed without exclusion to maintain a constant state of anxiety from numerous internal and external resources. The numerous token examples of varying levels of Americanization- or in some cases, resistance to this occurrence- included, but were not restricted to, wanting to uphold traditional homeland customs and practices; asserting new freedoms to take on more responsibility in spiritual and political arenas; working to improve conventional inadequacies of U.S. mosques to better accommodate women of religion; the problem of proper dressing for spiritual and professional communities; hard traditional and present marriage practices as well as the issues related to them; and maybe most importantly, combating the general naiveté, or perhaps outright discriminatory ignorance of Americans about Islam. Considering the fact that Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world (between new births and also the growing number of conversions), and the United States is arguably the most influential and powerful country on the planet, the past of these illustrations must, and will, be given some additional attention at the conclusion of the paper. Finding Balance Between Islamic Tradition and U.S. Culture Although almost every source I consulted worried the progressive nature of the Quran and its capacity to adapt to changing society, I discovered that a main thrust of the American Muslim communities had been best illustrated in a quote from Carol L. Anway, which girls strive toward "b.. .

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