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Saint Dominic Guzman of the Dominican Order, Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Thomas Aquinas

The importance of new religious orders which spread new ideas and customs of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries are as significant today as it was in the early history of Christianity. For Christians to look beyond the realm of what's great and informative of the ancient teachings there have been three philosophers and theologians of that moment. To discuss those three men of God, their thoughts and knowledge were a great insight into a new and fresh convention among their followers and congregations. These orders instituted by Saint Francis and Saint Dominic and their emulators maintained and propagated the faith among the spirits of men and the social intuitions throughout the empire. These perceptive instructions of work redeeming Christian captives were created in Saint Thomas Aquinas’s “Summa Theologica”. He was the prince of Christian doctors and moralists, whom religion considers as the most faithful interpreter of Catholic customs and motivated by Aristotle. Saint Dominic and the Dominicans, Saint Frances of Assisi and the Franciscans and Saint Thomas Aquinas and Thomism all played a Substantial role of early Christianity. Saint Dominic was created in Calaruga, Old Castile, Spain, the Son of Felix Guzman and Blessed Joan of Aza. He studied at the University of Palencia, where he had been ordained. Saint Dominic was a man of God that gave compliments to him all of the time. He abstained from meat and detected stated fasts and periods of silence. He did not wear sandals and wore the tiniest of clothing, as the way of the life Dominic bestowed on other people, was the very first himself to follow. He never had a mattress, typically sleeping on the side of the street. Saint Dominic established an institute for girls in Prouille in Albigensian territor...

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Commit committing suicide
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