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CREATED ON 22nd April 2018

Essay on Parallels Between Macduff and Macbeth

Parallels Between Macduff and Macbeth In humans, greed will frequently play a more pronounced role in their activities then morals. From the Shakespearian drama Macbeth we see how far greed and ambition has crushed the equilibrium of Scotland and destroyed the lives of numerous lords and innocents. Initially we see Macbeth as the magnificent protagonist who "unseam'd" (1.2.23) the traitor Macdonwald in the defense of the King and Country, nevertheless becomes a king who is helpless and paranoid. The downfall of the usurper is enabled by Macduff who decapitates Macbeth in the end of the play. We see that Macduff is really following a path similar to that of Macbeth, also is the only whom greed and the witches would have chosen to manipulate to his injury next. Macduff full of anger and grief are the next catalyst of insanity in Scotland. Shakespeare tells us through the play that greed could bring down the best amongst us. This is shown no clearer than in the case of "Brave Macbeth" (1.2.17) as we see him "split his" (1.2.20) route into "unseam" (1.2.23) the traitor Macdonwald and prove his courage. He was rewarded for all these deeds with all the thaneship of Cawdor and the renown of his troops as well as the other lords of the court. The three witches, however, soon demonstrate the true power of greed as they "win [him] to [his] harmwith honest trifles" (1.3.26, 28) and he becomes a paranoid despot grasping to recover control of his life and his realm. Eventually the greed and ambition for greatness and power led him to become a "dwarfish thiefin a giant's robe" (5.2.18, 20) whose men "move only in control, nothing whatsoever" (5.2.17) Many of the Scottish lords of this time would believe themselves over such ruthless demand for electricity, perhaps Macduff most of all,...

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