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Hitler´s Letter to Benito Mussolini Essay

On June 22nd, 1941, Nazi Germany launched the invasion of the Soviet Union, codename Operation Barbarossa, an assault that would lead to the deaths of thousands. Adolf Hitler sent a letter for his ally Benito Mussolini, detailing the rationale behind his betrayal of Joseph Stalin, also cementing the Nazi state's ideological commitment to the destruction of their Bolshevik creed. In this essay I plan to analyse the letter and interpret Adolf Hitler's motives in sending it, and really understand the wider motivations behind such a gamble as to continue the Soviet juggernaut. Hitler's purpose for this letter was supposed to explain to Mussolini the reason behind the assault; the question has to be asked yet, why would he deliver it the night before? An individual could presume that as both Germany and Italy recognized themselves as the 'axis' powers through the signing of the tripartite pact in 1940, Hitler felt morally obliged to inform Mussolini. As they both shared the common enemy it might be interpreted that he employed this letter to give reason for his actions. It has been improved by Leach that Hitler had written letters to all wing powers. The personalized kind of the letter indicates he may have altered the data in every letter, or from respect for each axis that he wrote to them personally. What's evident from this letter though, is that Mussolini hadn't any thought about Germany's plans for the Soviet Union, and was not consulted in the prep. It could be assessed which "Hitler still looked into the Axis alliance to pay his rear by threatening the British in the Mediterranean and Far East and by discouraging the United States" but he'd no provision "produced in German preparation for the active participation of either Italy or Japan in the war a.. .

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